About us

Since the start of 1990, we have become one of Sweden's leading yacht brokers.
Both for sailing and motor boats, and especially for a bit  larger objects.
It has become our special niche.

As sales of these objects are more limited, we for instead have to expand our geographic quest market. This applies both for finding buyers, as for appropriate boats.
This means that we often have to go beyond Sweden's borders to succeed, and it has given us a large network of contacts throughout Europe.

We list our items on all major international portals, and on our own website we always have an English version in addition to the Swedish. Since we have many followers and readers of our newsletter even abroad (more than 4,500 pcs), this is also written in English.

We are also proud manufacturer of VikenSnipan, which is built in Skåne, Åhus in cooperation with Åhus Marina. The only differences to the ancient hot bulb engine is that this one is made in handlaid GRP and the engine is a modern 12 hp freshwater cooled diesel.

Welcome to us at the Navark team!