Facts: Y9 - Luxury Carbon Sailing Yachts

LOA: 27.40 m
LWL: 26.04 m
Beam: 6.80 m
Draft (fixed keel): 4.70 m
Draft (telescopic keel): 3.20 - 4.80 m
Draft (fixed, shallow draft): 4.10 m 
Displacement (light ship): approx 55.00 t 
Ballast (fixed keel): approx 18.92 t
Ballast (telescopic keel): approx 19.18 t 
Ballast (fixed, shallow draft): approx 19.92 t 
Mainsail: 272.00 m2
Engine: 2 x VOLVO D3-170
House Batteries: 24 V DC, 1.400Ah
Fuel Tank: approx 3.000 L
Freshwater Tank: approx 2.000 L
Greywater Tank: approx 250 L
Blackwater Tank: approx 250 L 

Naval Architect: Tripp Design Naval Architecture
Interior Design: Norm Architects | Y Yachts team
Classification: Hull construction certificate by RINA 

Contact broker:
John Leonard
E-mail: leonard@navark.se
Mobile: +46 705-36 73 99

Office: +46 42-14 40 50, info@navark.se 

Y9 - Luxury Carbon Sailing Yachts

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Our credo is: The simpler the boat, the purer the sailing experience, and the greater the pleasure. This is why our yachts are made to emphasize the essentials of sailing - easy handling, alone or with company, anywhere in the world. Discover the reliability, safety and comfort that results from our ‘keep it simple’ concept. Our goal is clear: Use the best technology available to simplify and put the joy back into sailing. Efficient hull designs, the latest materials, perfect engineering and out- standing craftsmanship make our yachts suita- ble for occasional racing, weekend sailing or long- term cruising, which of course includes safe ocean passages without the necessity of a large crew. 

Every luxury carbon yacht we build is defined by the client’s requirements. There is just one thing that never changes: We build a yacht that meets not only our client‘s demands, but also our own require- ments concerning perfection. 


At Y Yachts, we have been working tirelessly to create a high-performance yacht with best-in-class interiors and exteriors that provide spatial volumes equal to those found in 100-foot vessels. Michael Schmidt’s “concept of freedom” design philosophy involved clearing the boat from all unnecessary rigging, lines, and structural elements to create a clear and minimalist deck. The Y9 is the culmina- tion of our pursuit of that grand vision of simplicity. 

Simplicity is the inherent DNA found in all YYachts offerings. By reducing the Y9 to her essentials, we’ve created a yacht that can easily sail in the lightest conditions, while maintaining maximum performance and comfort across all wind speeds. 

The Y9 is perfectly scaled to human dimensions and activities by eliminating exaggerated exterior and interior lines and proportions, as well as ineffec- tual spaces that are difficult to manage and main- tain. Ensuring the owner remains connected to the sea and onboard guest with minimal distractions. We’ve optimized accommodations onboard, provi- ding gracious space for family, friends, and crew, while still providing plenty of room for privacy at the end of day. Five optional interior layouts include a spacious owner suite that can include a separate sa- lon, dressing room, and en-suite bathroom. Multiple guest and crew cabin options are available as well. On deck, the distinctive coach roof win- dows allow a remarkable amount of light into the salon, with a 360° view to the sea. 

More than an aesthetic element, this design fea- ture helps reduce overheating below deck by di- verting the rays of a warming sun, ensuring ener- gy efficiency by minimizing power demands to keep interior spaces cool in hot climates. Moving aft, the extra-large tender gara- ge can accommodate a 4.3m tender, with space for water toys and diving equipment. The large bathing platform can be transfor- med in a place to enjoy and relax, providing easy access in and out of the water.need to use a generator throughout the day and night. Optional hybrid drives and energy recovery systems fur- ther reduce the demand on the primary power supplies. Dual engines ensure redundant reliabili- ty and easy maneuverability while underway. 

Y9 offers a range of below and above deck confi- gurations, and custom features to fit your desires. Options include a Japanese table at the bow, protec- ted by sunshades, and a range of accessories, ma- terialsandfinisheslimitedonlybyyourimagination. For the competitive sailor, the Y9 can easily participa- te in regattas, like Superyacht Cup and St. Barth’s Bu- cket Regatta, with the advantage of a great rating ba- sed on its favorable weight, sail plan, and dimensions. 

The luxury of being able to set out to sea self-suf- ficiently and with confidence is priceless. Even more enjoyable, is a comfortable, high perfor- mance, seaworthy yacht that sails fast and brings immeasurable joy to its owner. Y9 delivers on that simple vision in a way no other yacht can.